“I cannot believe what a difference hearing well has made to my life. I can join in family conversations and hear the TV at a normal volume now.

Thank you Coventry and Leamington Hearing Centre.”

About us

We are your local hearing aid centre and have been dispensing hearing aids from these addresses for over 25 years.

This means that we have a proven history of always being available for the long-term benefit of our clients, not some faceless mega-corp and its short-term sales targets. Visit us for a professional yet friendly service, where you can call in to discuss your hearing health, lifestyle and requirements.

Our founder Michael Brough has worn hearing aids for over 40 years and his ethos of providing independent care continues despite his retirement. We offer a genuine choice from the whole range of hearing wear, selected and personally assessed by us from the world’s leading manufacturers.

As experts in all types of device, we can prescribe low-cost units, high-power specialised hearing wear or even the latest ‘out of sight’ techniques. Our expertise means we can offer our total satisfaction guarantee to every client, so you can be confident in us making a wonderful difference in your life.

Our technicians are also on hand to offer assistance with servicing, repairs, batteries and accessory supplies – far easier than going to the hospital and we don’t charge the earth either!

Please telephone us on 01926 313913 to arrange a convenient appointment or feel free to call in.

Remember the golden rule
An early hearing test and regular re-tests are key to a more successful outcome. The sooner the loss is addressed, the more effective the solution.