“I cannot believe what a difference hearing well has made to my life. I can join in family conversations and hear the TV at a normal volume now.

Thank you Coventry and Leamington Hearing Centre.”

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  1. How To Avoid Swimmer’s Ear This Summer


    iStock 21681892 XXLARGEIf you’ve been cooling down from the recent spell of hot weather by going swimming it may be a good idea to think about protecting your ears from the effects of repeated exposure to water.

    Otitis externa (also known as swimmer’s ear) is a condition that causes inflammation (redness and swelling) of the external ear canal, which is the tube between the outer ear and eardrum. It’s known as swimmer’s ear as lots of exposure to water can cause:

    • ear pain, which can be severe
    • itchiness in the ear canal
    • a discharge of liquid or pus from the ear
    • some degree of temporary hearing loss

    Otitis externa is relatively common, with an estimated 1 in 10 people being affected by it at some point in their lives.

    Experts advise that regular swimmers, consider using ear plugs when swimming or wearing a swimming cap to cover their ears and protect them from water.

    Coventry and Leamington Hearing Centres make custom-fit, full shell swim plugs that keep water out of the ear canal and offer protection for those prone to ear infections or other problems. Swim plugs are a safe, effective way to protect your ears and prevent discomfort when doing an activity you enjoy.

    Our swim plugs are available in soft silicone or floatable silicone. They’re also available in a wide variety of colours and glitters, so you can customise them to your own style.

  2. Hear Here Open Day Event 21st June

    Summer has arrived and it’s time for our Coventry & Leamington Hear Here Open Day event. We would like to extend an invitation for you to join us on Wednesday 21st June 2017.  The event will be held at the Town Hall, Leamington Spa CV32 4AT from 10am to 3pm.


    The event is a strictly non-sales environment.  It is all about finding out more about your options – whether you are suffering hearing loss yourself or living with someone who does.  We aim to show you how lives may be enhanced through better sound.


    To hear clearly is not a luxury; it’s a necessity to enjoy life.  If you have any friends or relatives that you feel could benefit, please invite them along and help them to help themselves.


    Several of the world’s leading hearing aid manufacturers will be there. They will be bringing along exhibition stands, information, demonstration equipment and experienced staff to answer any of your questions.


    There will also be:


    • Video-Otoscopy – offering you the chance to see inside your own ears
    • Free hearing aid service and check
    • Free packet of batteries


    PLUS – For every Hearing Technology Event we negotiate with the manufacturers to offer a discount against their products as a gesture for allowing them to attend.  We are amazed and delighted that we are able to offer a huge saving of £395 against a pair of hearing aids for ANYONE who attends the event.


    We want everyone that visits to feel that the day is as useful and beneficial as possible and we hope that you will be able to join us for what promises to be an excellent day full of information, technology and better hearing.

    We hope to see as many people as possible there, but we would be very grateful if you could call us on 01926 313913 or email enquiries@clhcltd.co.uk to let us know you are coming, so we can be sure we have enough refreshments for everyone.


    If you have any other questions about the day, or are unable to make the event, but would like to register for the fantastic discount offer, please also give us a ring on 01926 313913 or email enquiries@clhcltd.co.uk


    We look forward to you hearing us!

  3. Getting Used to Wearing Hearing Aids

    For first time hearing aid users, the adjustment process is exciting but also can be tiring and frustrating. Sounds that have not been heard for many years are suddenly ‘attacking’ the brain, and it can cause confusion.

    This article gives some practical advice on how to adjust to life with hearing aids. Our advice would be to be patient and allow yourself time to readjust, but to seek help if problems are persistent or overwhelming.


  4. Improve Your Mental Health By Addressing Hearing Loss

    The link between depression and hearing loss is often debated, but more and more research seems to be supporting the case. It does seem to be common sense that being able to involve oneself with the world, communicating effectively and enjoying social interactions is key to keeping the mind active. Much is written about mindfulness and living in the moment, what better way to achieve this than being able to enjoy conversations with those around you?