“I cannot believe what a difference hearing well has made to my life. I can join in family conversations and hear the TV at a normal volume now.

Thank you Coventry and Leamington Hearing Centre.”

Our Services

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The testing process

A hearing test is quick and painless and is conducted at our hearing centres in Coventry or Leamington Spa. In approximately 15 minutes your hearing can be tested by a qualified hearing aid audiologist and we will be able to establish what you can and cannot hear and what type of hearing loss you have.

The testing process consists of initially examining your ears and placing headphones on for you to listen to a series of pure tones ranging from very low pitched sounds to very high pitched sounds. The listener confirms he/she has heard the sound by pressing a button or signalling in some way. The sounds will gradually be decreased until you cannot hear them. This is the hearing threshold and the levels are recorded on a graph using a computer.

We will assess the results and explain them to you. If a hearing instrument is indicated, we will discuss possible options with you after taking into account your wishes and any physical limitations such as limited manual dexterity.

Hearing aids are available in many shapes and sizes from tiny in the ear models to powerful behind the ear models. Depending on your hearing ability some models may be more suitable than others. Another consideration is a cosmetic one, and while it may seem beneficial to go for the smallest possible out of sight model, some hearing losses require a larger, more powerful model. We will make recommendations and discuss various options with you.

Before ordering any instruments we may need to take impressions of your ears so the hearing aids will fit you perfectly. We do this by squeezing some soft material into your ear. This will take the shape of your ears and set within 2 minutes.

When you return to have the instruments fitted, we will check that they fit and are comfortable. We will then program them for you according to your hearing test results and set them up for your requirements.

Hearing new sounds that you have been missing is  very exciting, but adjusting can also be quite tiring. The brain needs to relearn how to hear well and it may be several weeks before you begin to realise the benefits you are experiencing.


We offer a syringing service by appointment. Instead of putting oil or bicarbonate of soda into your ears for weeks prior to syringing at your surgery, come in to have your ears cleaned of wax and we can remove it there and then.

Cost:      1 ear – £50,  both ears £80.

We supply all types of batteries for hearing aids and any filters and accessories you might need to keep your aids in tip top condition.

If your hearing aid develops a fault, we can repair or service all makes and models.