“I cannot believe what a difference hearing well has made to my life. I can join in family conversations and hear the TV at a normal volume now.

Thank you Coventry and Leamington Hearing Centre.”

Why choose us?

We are the only independent Hearing Centre in Leamington Spa. We believe we provide the highest level of testing, fitting, service and aftercare available. Many other hearing aid suppliers are owned by leading manufacturers and therefore are likely to offer only one make of aid. We can purchase from any manufacturer, so you can be sure that the best match for your hearing loss will be offered to you and not just the one that comes from the owner of the company. Our prices include twelve months supply of batteries and accessories, servicing cover and the option to change the models, if desired, after a qualifying period. Some other companies claim to offer “lifetime aftercare” but often make charges for replacement parts or accidental damage.


Peace of Mind

A hearing aid takes the worry out of hearing loss and takes the strain out of the conversation. Millions of UK residents struggle to hear friends and family, taking the fun out of everyday life. Confidences, even jokes, fall short and leave us isolated.

Take the first steps to reign your life with our no obligation service. You can TRUST us, we have practised continuously here for 45 years.

You may have tried already to find the way to hearing health and been disappointed, but our careful, precise trials and fine tune process will reveal the shortcomings and give you clarity. Hearing aids can now be totally out of sight no-one need know – even your partner.

When the price is a concern, low-cost offers are always available with 0% finance to support our confidence in your success. We are a dedicated hearing service only supplying all your hearing needs.

Leamington Hearing Centre

Open 9-5 Monday-Friday.

Competitive prices with appointments available to suit you. Not tied to a hearing aid manufacturer so you get independent advice.

Optician/Chemists/Doctors surgeries

Open 1-2 days a fortnight (if you have a problem the day after he/she has visited, you would have a long wait until they were around again).

Advertise low prices but rarely sell at low prices and only supply aids from limited suppliers so you don’t get the best choice.


Often visit from Wales/Cornwall/Scotland. Can be difficult to get servicing/repair visits planned as the hearing aid audiologist is often covering the entire UK.

Please call us on 01926 313913 to arrange a convenient appointment or call in for a chat.